WINGS Seminars

Each month, Aerodynamic Aviation at Reid-Hillview airport (KRHV) events hosts a free WINGS seminar produced by Aviator Foundry. You can browse all of the WINGS seminar content below, to find a synopsis of each seminar, along with downloadable class notes and other useful references on each seminar topic.

Learn more at Aerodynamic’s website and Facebook page, and find all WINGS events at the FAA Safety Team website. If you are interested in an “encore presentation”, please use our contact form.

Cockpit Technologies
Flight Operations
Instrument Operations
Risk Management


Single-Pilot Resource Management
Planning and Preparing for Your Instrument Rating
The New SFO Bravo and Your Next Bay Tour
Flying in the Mountain West
Flying Complex and High-Performance Aircraft
Runway Incursion Avoidance
iPad electronic flight bag MD-80 cockpit
Get the Most from Your Aviation App(s)
weather is what you find
Weather Strategies
New Weather Tools = New Pilot Insights and Responsibilities
old-school advanced preflight
Advanced Preflight